There are two parts to our organisation…

Midnightsky Learning

We inspire life learning.

How to see yourself, be yourself and make the world a better place.
We work with people that contribute to our vision of a balanced, knowledgeable and self-aware society.
We write, coach, run workshops, create videos and podcasts, and produce live events.

Midnightsky Consulting

We facilitate organizational clarity.

We work with organisations to help them:

  • Create their organisation’s or product’s strategy
  • Connect this strategy to a story that is compelling
  • Engage the people that matter in this story to ensure success

We facilitate workshops, conduct surveys, consult, create strategic plans, write copy and produce content.

Do you have a question or want to find out more?

Call us:  03 9495 6125
Email us:  connect-at-midnightsky-com-au (you need to take the dashes out and make this a real email address…we are avoiding spam bots!)

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