What is fame?

When I was growing up I always wanted to be a performer, and to me that meant being like Beven on Young Talent Time, and so I guess that meant being famous. Lately, I’ve been thinking about Fame and what it means to be famous, and the difference between being famous and being a performer.

And lots of things fascinate me about all this…Is ‘fame’ something you have to buy into to be a performer? How does it work now that everyone is chasing fame via their own social media networks? Why do we simultaneously covet the lifestyle of ‘the famous’ and mock them when they have a serious opinion about something?

That’s why I’m making the performance work Fame, Fear and Hope. You can reserve your tickets here. (November 13th, 14th and 15th 2014)

To help me understand the idea of fame I have started interviewing friends of mine who are performers and asking them all about what they think of Fame. It is really interesting, and soon I will start publishing some of the things they said…but it got me thinking…what do all of you think about fame? What about your friends? What do they think about it? Do you know someone famous? What do they think?

I realised this project would be way better if you all interviewed your friends, famous or otherwise, about the idea of fame.

What do you think?

If you are up for it, then email us at connect-at-midnightsky-com-au and we will send you a project interview guide, including interview questions and a document you can send to your friend to tell them why you are interviewing them.

I’m calling it The Fame, Fear and Hope Project, and I’d love you to get involved.

You can tweet your ideas about fame using #FFH or visit our facebook page and share links and ideas there.


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