To tell a compelling story and engage the people that matter to you, you need to have a clear vision, mission and personality.

Your vision tells you where you are heading, your mission outlines what you will do to get there, and your personality describes the way you will need to behave along the way. All of this is the foundation for telling your story. Your story is how all that looks and sounds when you share it with the world.

  • Positioning Audit

    Sometimes things get a little confusing.
    Organisations act with clarity and integrity when they connect what they do (their business activity) with what they say (their communications activity). We’ve refined the art of knowing exactly what is wrong, and providing a clear plan to resolve the problem.
    We can help make things a little clearer.

  • Vision and Mission

    Set the foundations.
    Every organisation needs to have a clear and easy to remember, vision and mission. They sit at the core of the organisation’s business and communication planning. They are the yardstick for measuring decisions against. Getting a vision and mission can be challenging. We’ve developed a process for getting results whilst everyone keeps smiling.

  • Personality

    Driving the culture of your organisation.
    Once you are clear about where you are heading, you need to work out how the organisation needs to behave in order to get there.
    Your personality traits (or values) are the centre of your organisation’s culture. From business plan to brand they help you connect how you think, act, talk and look.

Want to get your story straight?