What do you want to learn?
Do you want to master a guitar solo? Do you want to ace an exam? Do you want to be an engaging storyteller? Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your teaching?

Whether you want to become better at singing, cooking, double dutch, writing a novel, riding a bike, mountain climbing, quantum physics, learning a language or crochet you need to know how to approach learning to get the best results.

‘Learning how to learn’ is a Midnightsky workshop that helps you accelerate their learning by cooperating with how the human body is designed to think and move. Using the Alexander Technique we will explore how we can learn more effectively whilst being playful, kind, gentle and joyful.

Who: Taught by Luke Hockley.
Where: Midnightsky studio 2 – 101 Victoria Street Fitzroy, 3065
What to bring: Just yourself and loose comfortable clothing.

What does the workshop involve?
We will learn about learning through practical experience. After quickly overviewing our approach to learning and the Alexander Technique we will explore learning through playful games and activities. Coaching an individual as they learn something is a great way for all of us to discover something about how we learn. Bring something along that you are learning and we may even get a chance to have a look at it.