My method is simple.

I get the person I am coaching to identify something they want to be able to do when they communicate. Then I design an appraoch that supports them to be able to do that.

My approach includes things like:

Self reflection tools to spark insight and a desire to self-direct learning

One on one coaching with me where I use the Alexander Technique, experiential anatomy and communications coaching to help them achieve their goal

Group classes where people can practice the skills they are cultivating and get supportive feedback.

Suggested creative experiences that develop perspective on life and trigger new ways of approaching existing situations (including films, books, exhibitions, performances, music, workshops…)

Sometimes its as simple as a series of 5 one on one coaching sessions. Other times it is working together every week for a year. It all depends on the goal, the budget and the desires of the person being coached.

Curious? Ask me a question.