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  • An open letter to Amanda Palmer…

    Dear Amanda,

    Recently I read your book, ‘The Art of Asking’. Thanks for that, it was perfect timing.

    I think you could also have called the book “The Art of Giving” because the ability to give what you do, with out apology, seems to be intimately linked to the ability to humbly ask and receive support. Or at least that’s how I read what you had to say.

    I’m an artist. I am a contemporary dancer, a storyteller, a singer, I make podcasts and write stories and make videos and create live theater… A while ago I decided that renaissance was my style. That provocation and exploration of ideas is what I’m really good at.

    Ten years ago I set up a company, Midnightsky, with a goal of self funding my work as an artist. I wanted an alternative to government and philanthropic funding (which I had some success with) because it felt like I was waiting for some faceless panel to approve whether I was an artist or not.


    So now I spend part of my week sharing my skills in storytelling with people who do good things in the world, they pay me and in return I get time each week and a small budget to make stuff.

    That feels really good. I’m enjoying succeeding at that.

    Recently two big things happened.

    I started making a new performance work called Fame, Fear and Hope

    And I read your book.

    Fame, Fear and Hope (which I performed recently, but am currently reworking, you can have a listen here to a section of the show) has helped me to see that I want to take my vocation as an artist and performer seriously. That fulfilling my purpose means making things that help people imagine and create a better version of the world.

    And reading your book helped me see that I can’t and don’t do that alone. I realized that calling myself ‘self-funded’ is a misrepresentation of what I have done. I haven’t ‘self-funded’ anything. I’ve built a community of people who get involved because they believe in what I do. Understanding that I make my work for, with and because of the people who support me is a paradigm shift. These kinds of shifts are one of the most difficult things a human can do (even though it seems so simple). Thanks again for writing a book that was the catalyst for that shift.

    Along the way I have become reasonably good at running a small company. The most important thing I have learnt about ‘success’ is to find someone who has achieved what you want to achieve and ask them about how they did it.

    So, I was wondering if you might have time for a chat?

    I’d like to chat about how you have managed to find such clarity in your voice as an artist and how you personally feel about the ongoing relationship (live and online) you have with your audience. If it were ok with you I would aim to make a podcast of our conversation – so that others can benefit from what we uncover.

    Now I know your book covers this territory, in great detail. But it just makes me want to ask you more questions.

    I would love to offer whatever you think is appropriate in exchange. I live very close to the Thornbury Theatre so if you need somewhere to crash, or some help around your gig next week – just sing out. Catching up while you are in Melbourne would be the bomb – but a skype chat would be great too (I know time is pretty tight on this tour…).

    Anyway, thanks a heap for having the audacity to be you. It really is awesome to watch.

    If you are happy to have a conversation you can message me on Twitter @Midnightskytalk or email me luke-at-midnightsky-com-au

    (If you want to read a bit more about me you could check this out)


    Artist, advisor, coach.
    I find the real problem, make the difficult easy
    and tell a great story.

     Amanda Palmer's Art of Asking book cover sitting on Midnightsky's piano

    Amanda Palmer’s Art of Asking book cover sitting on Midnightsky’s piano

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  • Fame, Fear and Hope – A big thank you!

    Dear Friends,

    2014 has been a pretty big and special year. Performing Fame, Fear and Hope at the end of it was the proverbial cherry on top. And we wanted to take this moment to say thanks.

    So we made you a podcast of a couple of our favourite moments from the 2014 season of Fame, Fear and Hope (which will be back in 2015, bigger, better, brighter).

    To all of you who came along and saw the show, to the team who put it together, to the people who wanted to come but couldn’t, the people who have bought our services and made the show possible and to all the people who are going to support us and get involved in our projects in the future.

    Luke and the Midnightsky team.

    Artist, advisor, coach.
    I find the real problem, make the difficult easy
    and tell a great story.

    Banner of Fame, Fear and Hope Logo in bright colours FFH_emailbanner_magenta FFH_emailbanner_purple FFH_emailbanner_yellow

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  • Baby Shock – Is Luke carrying Matt’s baby?

    Trashy magazine cover with Matt and Luke with headline 'Luke's baby shock'

    Fans are in a frenzy over the prospect of a Ho-King baby.

    “The two of them have been inseparable lately. They have a real connection, they have been working so closely on Fame, Fear and Hope. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Luke was carrying Matt’s baby, he certainly seems to be glowing…”

    The news over shadows the recent big announcement that Matt will be the ‘Famous Friend’ who is performing with Luke on the opening night of Fame, Fear and Hope.

    Luke’s denying he is pregnant but still gushing about Matt…

    Matt Wicking is a musical genius, his voice is haunting, and he is famous in the Melbourne music scene. What better person to open the show?”

    When Matt was asked if he impregnated Luke Hockley he said…

    “No. That’s a stupid question.”

    Fame, Fear and Hope opens on November 13th and there are still a handful of tickets, but not for long, once this news gets out that we may be expecting a new member in the Midnightsky family!

    Image of Matt Wicking by Forever Violet Image of Luke Hockley by Albert Comper



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  • Happy 10th Birthday Midnightsky

    Midnightsky has just turned 10 years old.

    I know!

    I started Midnightsky with the goal of creating a business that would draw upon my skills as an artist to help others do good things in the world and use the resources I generated to invest in my practice as an artist. All of this is in pursuit of the Midnightsky vision – which is for a balanced, knowledgeable and self-aware society.

    I thought that might take 2 years, maybe 3! After 10 years we work with a great community of people on projects that change the world for the better. We have a valuable service offering that helps them connect their strategy and story and to be compelling communicators.

    And how is the the art travelling? (drum roll please)…

    I’m proud to introduce you to the Midnightsky artistic program and the new venue that will be its home.

    In January 2015 we will be opening the doors of our new home in the heart of Fitzroy. The venue will have a theatre/workshop space, desk and meeting space for us to deliver our client services, a rehearsal room and some space that we would like to sub-let to a like minded organization (get in touch if you are interested).

    A. Dream. Come. True.

    The new venue will be a place where people who are leading themselves and the world can be inspired by the things they experience, discover new skills and connect with like minded people.

    The artistic program will be an ongoing calendar of activity including projects you can get involved in, live performances, story telling events and workshops and classes. We will be launching the full program later this year but for now…our first cab off the rank is

    Fame, Fear and Hope…13th – 15th of November.

    An evening of song and story that is laugh out loud funny, playful, entertaining and will get you thinking about what fame is in a world where everyone is a social media star. And, of course, being a Midnightsky project there is also an opportunity for you to get involved.

    Thanks for making the first 10 years so special, your support is what makes it all possible. We’re planning a party to celebrate the ten years and everything we have done together when we get into the new venue.

    Bye for now

    Artist, entrepreneur, strategic advisor, communication coach.
    I find the real problem, make the difficult easy
    and tell a great story.


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  • The Fame, Fear and Hope Project – getting involved.

    What is fame?

    When I was growing up I always wanted to be a performer, and to me that meant being like Beven on Young Talent Time, and so I guess that meant being famous. Lately, I’ve been thinking about Fame and what it means to be famous, and the difference between being famous and being a performer.

    And lots of things fascinate me about all this…Is ‘fame’ something you have to buy into to be a performer? How does it work now that everyone is chasing fame via their own social media networks? Why do we simultaneously covet the lifestyle of ‘the famous’ and mock them when they have a serious opinion about something?

    That’s why I’m making the performance work Fame, Fear and Hope. You can reserve your tickets here. (November 13th, 14th and 15th 2014)

    To help me understand the idea of fame I have started interviewing friends of mine who are performers and asking them all about what they think of Fame. It is really interesting, and soon I will start publishing some of the things they said…but it got me thinking…what do all of you think about fame? What about your friends? What do they think about it? Do you know someone famous? What do they think?

    I realised this project would be way better if you all interviewed your friends, famous or otherwise, about the idea of fame.

    What do you think?

    If you are up for it, then email us at connect-at-midnightsky-com-au and we will send you a project interview guide, including interview questions and a document you can send to your friend to tell them why you are interviewing them.

    I’m calling it The Fame, Fear and Hope Project, and I’d love you to get involved.

    You can tweet your ideas about fame using #FFH or visit our facebook page and share links and ideas there.


    Artist, entrepreneur, strategic advisor, communication coach.
    I find the real problem, make the difficult easy
    and tell a great story.






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