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  • How to kick perfect goals while the posts are moving

    Or creating a clear and effective Strategic Plan

    The Consumer Policy and Research Centre (CPRC) recently achieved the strategic equivalent of the triple somersault, half twist in a pike position off the 10 metre diving board with a 9.0 difficulty rating; it found clarity and purpose in a new strategic direction, expanded the trust and support of its main funder, and continued to kick perfect goals while the posts were moving. Sorry, mixing my sports metaphors there.

    Oh, and did I mention that they were also recruiting for a new CEO throughout the strategic planning process? So CPRC had the additional challenge of creating a Strategic Plan that should provide enough direction to keep the organisation moving and enough certainty to guarantee funding. And the plan should also allow any new visionary CEO to take ownership of the plan and make key decisions or reasonable changes. That has just increased the strategic difficulty rating to a 9.9. So how did they do it?

    A key decision that led to their success was to develop a Strategic Plan that spanned three years, but included a review after the first year. This would allow the new CEO to make reasonable changes and learn from the organisation’s experiences.

    CPRC is a Victorian Government funded broad-based research centre that helps to drive policy development and better protect consumers. Until recently, the CPRC was known as the Consumer Utility Advocacy Centre (CUAC). Apart from a name change, the recent transformation also expanded the organisation’s purpose and scope of activity from being an advocacy body to take on a research role and the responsibility to deal with broader ranging consumer issues across all sectors.

    The Board and staff went through a process with Midnightsky that guided the organisation to a confident, shared understanding and clarity that could be communicated with key funders, new leadership and all staff.

    Acting CEO, Petrina says that the resulting Strategic Plan, “gave us the basis to show the government where we were going, which aligned with what they were thinking too.”

    Midnightsky helped the organisation navigate the significant change by asking it to reconsider some fundamental strategic questions: what is its purpose, what is it going to do to achieve that purpose, how is it going to behave along the way, and how will it know when its achieved success?

    In other words, the organisation re-articulated its Vision, Role, Values and Goals. These are key aspects required to inspire and focus any organisation and its stakeholders, including staff and funders.

    Since the development of the Strategic Plan, the new CEO, Lauren Solomon, has built the research agenda for the organisation. This research agenda has become part of the whole Strategic Plan and contributes to the organisation’s vision.

    The clear and direct language of the new Strategic Plan continues to emerge in reports and other communication tools as the organisation’s strategy is embodied by the CPRC team and implemented through their activities.

    by Cressida Bradley

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  • Connecting your strategy and story

    The forest and the trees…

    Our strategic consultation services help you build and connect your strategic plan, your strategic communication and your content.

    Your work is more powerful when your strategy and story are built upon the same foundation.

    Strategic planning provides the clear foundation for your work and establishes your narrative. Strategic communication planning helps you deliver your strategy by making sure you connect the right message with the right people. And content development spreads your story and the impact of your work by engaging people as you deliver your message.

    We can help you

    • Position your organisation or project, know who you are, what you do and why its important
    • Set the pathway for success. Understanding your goals, how they can be measureable and the culture you need cultivate to achieve them.
    • Build the story that you will share with the world in a way that is integrated with this positioning
    • Tell the story in engaging ways.

    This includes…

    Strategic Planning – Vision, Role, Values, Strategic Plans, Positioning Audits

    Understand what you want to achieve, what you’re going to do, and how you’re going to behave along the way with a clear Vision, Mission and Personality. Build a clear Strategic Plan that sets up your narrative and allows your whole team to contribute to that Vision.

    Communication Strategies – Audience, Key messages, Communication Plans, naming and brand hierarchy, positioning products and services, communication audits.

    Telling a compelling and consistent story comes from knowing who you are, who you should talk to, and what they need to hear. Build on your narrative by defining your goals, creating a top level story, identifying your key audiences and building messages to engage them. Develop language guidelines so that everyone in the organisation can confidently tell your story. All of this helps you deliver your strategy.

    Content Development – copywriting, video production, podcasts.

    Once your strategy is clear and you know who you need to talk to and what you want to tell them, you’re ready to tell your story. You can write a blog post, create a podcast, make a short film, build an animation, write a presentation, build a case study, the possibilities are endless. We can help you work out which format best suits your story, and then help you tell it.

    Our approach

    You are the expert. Our job is to help you uncover, question, clarify, resolve, sort, discard and amplify the things you know about your organisation or project in order to set you up to successfully do what you want to do.

    What you do is your story. We simplify your communication (and brand) by building it from the same place that you business is built from.

    Ultimately our great skill is to connect your story to your strategy. Doing things this way means you are both heading in the right direction and your organisation and key stakeholders knows what that direction is and feels excited about making it happen.

    If you would like to find out more or have a chat about it get in touch…

    Luke Hockley

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