Video edited by Cobie Orger


Gather round the campfire.

A Campfire is like a family concert. A performance created by artists and audiences to celebrate, share knowledge and create lasting community connections.

It was around the campfire that we first marked significant events. We told stories, danced, drew pictures in the sand, and sang about the things we needed to understand. We created rituals to help us build knowledge and share wisdom. And by doing so, we thrived as a community.

Each Campfire is built from the contributions of the people who turn up. You can be a generous audience or you can bring something along to share.

When: Generally the first Saturday of the month….but January is a bit different.

Starting time: 6:30pm. We try to finish by around 10pm…but sometimes people have a lot to share!

Where: Midnightsky Studio 2. 101 Victoria Street in Fitzroy (very close to the corner of Brunswick street and Johnston Street. Not Victoria Parade))

How much: There is no cost…almost Tickets are $20 +fees but for everyone who turns up we will give you your money back (minus fees) on arrival. We will then have a donation bucket where those who want to can put money in and we will all decide where the money is donated to that month.

Food – We have strategically positioned the event so peopel won’t be hungry. That way we can avoid all food allergy issues! We have tea and coffee and water.

Performing – Your first and most important job is to come along and enjoy the evening. Everyone is welcome to get up and do something (tell a story, sing a song, play an instrument, dance, share a piece of visual art…). Probably the kindest most supportive audience you have ever met…so the stage is yours if you would like it. The amazing Dan Robertson will be there on the piano. So if you have a favourite song up your sleeve we can probably piece it together on the night.

A small note on group activities…the focus for Campfire is to give you an opportunity to perform or be in the audience. So activities that require the group to do something aren’t on the menu. These kinds of things can be amazing…if you are in the mood. If you aren’t in the mood then people can feel ‘put on the spot’ and that is the opposite of what we are doing at Campfire. So if you have something to share you can invite people to join in (like sing a long) but there should always be a role for the audience and if no one joins your performance should be ok to go along regardless. If you have something you would like to do that you need some support with I (Luke) am always available to chat with you and grab a couple of confident performers to support you. We love that!


Video by Cobie Orger