Keeping safe and the wheels turning.

These are unusual times.

There is a lot of information circulating about the Covid-19 virus. I work closely with many in the health sector and have great trust in their collective wisdom and commitment.

We are actually managing two crises. Health and financial.

Acting on the health crisis is our first, and most important, response. If you are seeking information, I would direct you (away from social media) towards the official government website (here and here) and the abc.

When it comes to the financial crisis, I trust the advice of my financial planner and good friend Chris Haggart. His advice is always based on the best information at hand. Have a read of his latest views here

At Midnightsky we are, fortunately, able to keep the majority of our work moving forwards by shifting to online delivery of workshops and meetings via zoom where needed. Connecting with each other and keeping the wheels turning is going to be more important than ever, we’re here to help.

What is critical right now is that we remain calm, focus on the things we can control and act decisively.

In the coming weeks there is a reasonable chance that large parts of our workforce will have their daily work shaped by this crisis: working from home, timelines shifting, emergency scenario planning, training… It is possible in the coming months that teams even have more time than usual to do future planning.

Personally, I am working out ways that I can continue to support the many small to medium size businesses around me whilst reducing social contact. It will be our restaurants, cafes, gyms, hairdressers and many others who will most need our support in the coming days.

We can all find ways to support each other if we think and act creatively.

Stay safe and keep connected with each other.


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