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Service Offering: Facilitation 

The Essential Services Commission: Retail Market Review

The Victorian Government has identified operational issues in the state’s energy and gas market that disadvantage consumers. The Essential Services Commission (ESC) is charged with implementing the recommendations of that report.Midnightsky facilitated a session with ESC’s stakeholders from the energy and gas sector. The purpose of the session was to inform the stakeholders of the Government’s (not always easy) recommendations and gather their input into the implementation of the solutions. The result of the session was that the stakeholders were heard and they are now on the journey with ESC.Their engagement means that consumers (like us) will experience better outcomes, like fairer prices and bills that are easier to understand

Our Watch: Planning Review

Our Watch’s vision is an Australia where women and their children live free from violence. Midnightsky worked with this valuable organisation on several facilitation projects across the year to help the organization navigate a period of transition. Our Watch has a new CEO, Patty Kinnersly, and the organization is in the final year of its current Strategic Plan.

Midnightsky facilitated a session with the Board and the CEO to have deep dive conversations about the organisation’s direction. Midnightsky also worked with staff to help clarify specific projects, as well as the organisation’s approach.

Our Watch’s work can fundamentally change our society for the benefit of everyone. This is a pivotal moment in history to help prevent violence against all women and their children.  Our Watch’s continued commitment to improvement will lead to a bigger impact and ultimately deliver on their important vision.


Service Offering: Strategic Planning

Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network: ‘Better Health North East Melbourne’

Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network (EMPHN) engaged Midnightsky to work with ‘Better Health North East Melbourne’ to focus their scope for the next three years.

The Better Health North East Melbourne (BHNEM) initiative is a region wide collaboration of health service providers and organisations across the health system that have come together to improve the health system in order to improve health outcomes for people in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs. BHNEM’s role is to make the patient’s journey through the health system easier, more connected, and more efficient.

Midnightsky worked with BHNEM’s Governance Group, which comprises CEOs of all the collaborating health services and organisations. The organisations involved are: Banyule Community Health, Your Community Health (Darebin), Health Ability (Community Health – Nillumbik), Austin Health, the Department of Health and Human Services, Eastern Melbourne PHN and North Western Melbourne PHN.

Midnightsky led the group through a process of deciding on, and prioritizing, relevant and realistic activity. As a result, the group created clear and measurable goals, objectives and KPIs, with a new Strategic Plan developed for the next five years. The key impact will be that the people of Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs are more likely to have a better experience of health care, as well as enjoy better health outcomes.

Carrington Health Ability: Bridging Strategic Plan

Carrington Health Ability is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a large range of health services to Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. They have recently merged with healthAbility, an NDIS provider that specialises in aged care and disability support, and health services including OT, podiatry & psychology.

The merge was done with much good will and a new Board is now in place. While the new Board was being formed, the CEO and leadership team developed a bridging plan to help with the transition. Once the Board was in place, Midnightsky started to work with them on a Strategic Planning process.

This process was important to ensure a continuity of health care and allow the leadership to build a strong, familiar and cohesive team.

Moreland Energy Foundation Limited (MEFL): Strategic Plan

MEFL is dedicated to tackling climate change. Midnightsky worked with the leadership team to build a Strategic Plan and develop their leadership skills.

Together we created a plan that was easy to understand and had measurable goals, objectives and KPIs to implement and track.

Our society need new systems and behaviours to address climate change. This Strategic Plan helps the organization head towards their zero-carbon target in ways that are good and fair for both people and the planet.

Latrobe Community Health Service: Strategic Plan Review

Based in the Latrobe Valley, Latrobe Community Health Servicehas grown to be one of the largest organisations of its type in Victoria, providing health services in both regional and metropolitan areas.

The organization is nine months into a five-year Strategic Plan and the Board and Executive wanted to check in with how they were progressing.

Midnightsky worked with the leadership team to help them build an agenda and facilitated a session to focus on what really matters to the organisation’s vision. Our team led them through some difficult conversations so they could identify opportunities, resolve their challenges, and continue with the Strategic Plan.

At the end of the process the leadership team felt engaged, knowing that all their different perspectives had been heard. They were focused, having identified what has worked and what needs adjusting. And the pathway to success was clear.

In the end, the better the organisation’s planning, the stronger their implementation of their services. And that leads to better health care for the many communities they serve.


Service Offering: Learning and Development 

Over the year Midnightsky worked with many people to help them become more insightful and compelling communicators and leaders.

Building their leadership skills impacts positively on society as they apply their abilities in influential organisations, including: MEFL, Leadership Victoria, Alfred Health, Centre for Sustainable Leadership’s Future Makers Fellowship, executives in the Healthcare sector, and members of the Victorian Government.


At Midnightsky, we have four key service offerings:

Facilitation: Help groups find a voice, articulate their shared purpose, and create a clear plan.

Strategic Planning: Understand what you want to achieve, what you’re going to do, and how you’re going to behave along the way with a clear Vision, Mission and Personality

Strategy to Story: Telling a compelling and consistent story comes from knowing who you are, who you should talk to, and what they need to hear – connect your strategy and your story.

Learning and Development: Help teams to know their purpose and communicate it confidently to the world





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