I’m not that good.

For some reason I generally am able to go along feeling like I do a reasonable job at the things I choose to do ‘professionally’. I am dedicated and self-reflective and I get feedback that tells me that what I am doing is working for the people I work with.

And then I will hit one of my edges. I will be doing something and realize that it really isn’t going that well. It is very uncomfortable. I don’t like how it feels. It is tempting to avoid even thinking about it, or to write it off as a bad day or even to convince myself that ‘someone else’ is responsible.

Well those are some of the ways I used to respond.

Now I like to sit with it and accept that I am having this experience. I didn’t do that well. That’s how it is. It wasn’t on purpose. I wanted to do well. I just wasn’t ready to do well. Once I have settled with my ‘failure’ I move onto the important question. Why?

Why did this happen? What did I do differently? What is being presented here that is outside of my current experience? What is this triggering for me? How might I respond differently? What would I like to do in this situation next time?

For me avoiding these questions leads to bigger heartache. If I can embrace that sometimes I am not that good then I can use these moments as a platform to learn.


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