You are always in your body.

Sometimes people tell me they want to get back into their body. And I get what they mean. They are feeling tight, their breathing is restricted or they are lacking an overall awareness of their movement…however the language we use to describe this experience is part of the problem.

We are always in our body. There is nowhere else for us to be.

What we are experiencing is our thinking is leading us to tighten our body. We are simply not cooperating with our design. When this happens we feel like we are somehow outside of ourselves.

We are always in our body. Our mind, our thinking happens in our body. The gig is to recognise it, to bring our attention (our thinking) to the moment, to notice what we are doing right now, notice the chair underneath us or notice the light in the room. When we do this we use our thinking to help us cooperate with our design and suddenly we feel like we are back, here, in our body, where we were all along.


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