Learning How to Learn – Nathan’s response…

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A couple of days after coming along to our monthly workshop ‘Learning How to Learn’ one of the participants, Nathan, sent me the following email. I think it captures beautifully the spirit of the session and what I had hoped people would walk away with so I thought (with his permission of course) that I would share it…

Hey Luke,

The learning to learn workshop has stayed with me. I have been actively doing things wrong in order to gain more insights into what I am doing. For example, I went on a 60km hike over the weekend. I focused on balancing my head on my neck on my body. At the end of the hike, I started getting all sorts of new soreness due to walking with new form. Instead of getting frustrated with my aches, I let myself walk with poor form to see what I was doing. Then, I would modify, such as pushing off with my calves instead of my knees/quads. I spent most of the hike focusing on my form, which is pretty cool. At the same time, when I get tired of focusing on form, I let myself slack – another thing I learned from the session. I have a choice!



So that’s what Nathan thought…if you would like to check it out you can find the next workshop dates etc here


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