You do the maths…

Recently I watched this great TED talk Dance v’s Powerpoint by John Bohannon in it he talks about the thousands of wasted hours that go into creating and delivering ineffective power point presentations.

And it got me to thinking, how many minutes would a big organisation waste on poorly conceived, designed and delivered presentations?

Let’s imagine an organisation has 5,000 staff who each give 4 presentations a year each. Thats 20,000 presentations.

Now let’s say there are 5 people in the room (including themselves) for each presentation and the presentations last half an hour, thats 50,000 hours of staff time each year, spent on delivering presentations. That is equivalent to hiring 25 full time positions to deliver presentations all day, every day. That’s 3 million minutes of presentations each year.

It would be difficult to find someone who hasn’t sat through a bad presentation, in fact we could say it is more likely than not for that to happen. But let’s be generous. Let’s assume that 1 in 4 presentations don’t hit the mark. That would mean 750,000 minutes wasted. But if you consider that each sub par presentation would have taken time to prepare (let’s say 5 hours, including time spent complaining to colleagues) then we have to add an additional 375,000 minutes of wasted time.

Altogether that’s  1.125 million minutes wasted.

But that’s not what’s heart breaking about all this.

It’s the wasted potential.

It’s the insights, the new ideas, the unusual perspectives and alternative approaches that are lost to us all. Just because someone didn’t know how to plan, build and deliver a decent presentation.

Creating a memorable, insightful, compelling and entertaining presentation isn’t easy to do, but it is worth it.

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