You should sing.

You should sing.

For lots of reasons, you should get together with friends, or join a choir or crank up the stereo or turn on the shower and sing.

One of the most important reasons you should sing is because every human being receives scientifically proven* benefits when they sing “Eye of the Tiger” – like this…

Why do we sing?

Well, have a listen to David Attenborough as he explains a little about how animals use song and maybe why humans sing.

And this is an article written by Kevin Simler about a small book by Josep Jordania called “Why Do People Sing? Music in Human Evolution”. It’s worth a read.

Recently I went to the end of year performance by Big Mouth Choir at the Northcote Town Hall and that was all the evidence I needed that both you and I should sing.

So give it a crack.

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*I use ‘scientifically proven’ in the loosest sense of the word, that is it is not at all proven by science that singing “Eye of the Tiger” has specific health benefits. However there is evidence that singing in groups is good for you – check out this literature review over at VicHealth . You can also check out some research about the benefits of singing for older people if you like.

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