Baby Shock – Is Luke carrying Matt’s baby?

Trashy magazine cover with Matt and Luke with headline 'Luke's baby shock'

Fans are in a frenzy over the prospect of a Ho-King baby.

“The two of them have been inseparable lately. They have a real connection, they have been working so closely on Fame, Fear and Hope. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Luke was carrying Matt’s baby, he certainly seems to be glowing…”

The news over shadows the recent big announcement that Matt will be the ‘Famous Friend’ who is performing with Luke on the opening night of Fame, Fear and Hope.

Luke’s denying he is pregnant but still gushing about Matt…

Matt Wicking is a musical genius, his voice is haunting, and he is famous in the Melbourne music scene. What better person to open the show?”

When Matt was asked if he impregnated Luke Hockley he said…

“No. That’s a stupid question.”

Fame, Fear and Hope opens on November 13th and there are still a handful of tickets, but not for long, once this news gets out that we may be expecting a new member in the Midnightsky family!

Image of Matt Wicking by Forever Violet Image of Luke Hockley by Albert Comper



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