Happy 10th Birthday Midnightsky

Midnightsky has just turned 10 years old.

I know!

I started Midnightsky with the goal of creating a business that would draw upon my skills as an artist to help others do good things in the world and use the resources I generated to invest in my practice as an artist. All of this is in pursuit of the Midnightsky vision – which is for a balanced, knowledgeable and self-aware society.

I thought that might take 2 years, maybe 3! After 10 years we work with a great community of people on projects that change the world for the better. We have a valuable service offering that helps them connect their strategy and story and to be compelling communicators.

And how is the the art travelling? (drum roll please)…

I’m proud to introduce you to the Midnightsky artistic program and the new venue that will be its home.

In January 2015 we will be opening the doors of our new home in the heart of Fitzroy. The venue will have a theatre/workshop space, desk and meeting space for us to deliver our client services, a rehearsal room and some space that we would like to sub-let to a like minded organization (get in touch if you are interested).

A. Dream. Come. True.

The new venue will be a place where people who are leading themselves and the world can be inspired by the things they experience, discover new skills and connect with like minded people.

The artistic program will be an ongoing calendar of activity including projects you can get involved in, live performances, story telling events and workshops and classes. We will be launching the full program later this year but for now…our first cab off the rank is

Fame, Fear and Hope…13th – 15th of November.

An evening of song and story that is laugh out loud funny, playful, entertaining and will get you thinking about what fame is in a world where everyone is a social media star. And, of course, being a Midnightsky project there is also an opportunity for you to get involved.

Thanks for making the first 10 years so special, your support is what makes it all possible. We’re planning a party to celebrate the ten years and everything we have done together when we get into the new venue.

Bye for now

Artist, entrepreneur, strategic advisor, communication coach.
I find the real problem, make the difficult easy
and tell a great story.


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