Performance Fit – Term 2 2014

Performance Fit – Term 2 2014
A weekly class for 5 weeks

Mondays 6pm – 7pm
28th of April – 26th of May 2014


What is it?
A gentle and supportive way to get good at communicating with others.
Performance Fit weekly classes help people to improve how they communicate. Participants book in for the term of 5 lessons that run once a week over 5 weeks on a Monday evening from 6pm – 7pm. It is also possible to drop in to any (or all) of the classes in the 5 week series.

Who is it for?
The class is for anyone who wants to feel more comfortable and be more effective when they communicate. Including public speaking, professional performing, dancing, singing, job interviews and networking.

Give me the details in a snapshot…
Teacher: Luke Hockley
Dates: 28th April – 26th of May 2014
Time: Monday 6 – 7 pm

Where: Collingwood College Dance Studio (at the Theatre); corner Campbell Street and McCutcheon Way, Collingwood. NB: The Theatre faces Campbell Street but you entre via the corner of Cromwell and McCutcheon near the open grassed area.

Class outline

Objective: You will develop the foundations for communicating authentically by:

  • Observing your thought and movement responses when communicating
  • Learning how to make choices about your responses
  • Building mindbody skills to improve how you move and speak

During each session you will experience a series of activities that get you to move around, experiment with making sound and play with how you respond when you are in front of an audience. Specifically the class aims to help you better understand how your thinking and your movement are connected, how to say yes to yourself in order to get a better flow in your communication and how to cooperate with your body to speak and move more easily. This series is a good introduction to the principles of Performance Fit, it also is an opportunity to deepen your exploration of these ideas if you have previously experienced the Performance Fit approach.


Find out more about the Performance Fit approach…video herehere and some words here

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