Bill was a nervous kind of a guy…

Bill was a nervous kind of a guy. Had always been that way, always was, always will be.

That’s why he hated this. The monthly meeting had been sent to torture him. Designed to make him sweat, in public. He hated it. Hate, hate, hate. Well, hate is a strong word. And he knew that thinking it was, maybe, not helping the situation. But ‘intensely dislike’ just didn’t cut it.

It wasn’t like he needed to run the meeting or anything. He had hardly anything to do really. Just that one moment, towards the end, when Arundati would turn to him and say

“And how about sales, Bill, how are we doing there?”

And honestly he would die a little bit. An intense flush of red across his neck and ears made him uncomfortable. They could all see it. He knew that, he was sure they were all thinking about it. The worst bit was that he was sure they all thought it meant that sales were bad, that Bill was hiding something, that he wasn’t very good at his job.

And that just wasn’t true. Bill was good at sales. One on one, coffee, regular catch ups. He was the master. He had so many loyal customers, and Arundati knew that, that’s why he was in this role. The numbers proved that. But God damn these meetings. Damn it.

By Luke Hockley


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