A people person pencil…

Lying on the table, between these two people, the pencil knew he had a unique perspective on this interview. Going for a job, that can be some pretty rough riding. And this ride, the one that was happening across the table above the pencil, well it was a doozey.

The pencil liked the gig. He was a people person. So spending all day watching people try and conquer their nerves and actually demonstrate their capacity to do the job…well that was really something. A learning curve, if you will. But he couldn’t quite work out what was going on here.

The woman answering the questions was impressive and impenetrable. An unsettling combination. What she was saying was dense with relevance but, he could tell from the brow of the woman asking the questions, that it wasn’t quite landing. That’s kind of a problem in an interview.

It wasn’t until it changed that he saw what it was. Suddenly, almost imperceptibly, she changed something and the ideas started to hit their target. It was tangibly different. The pencil wondered why? What was different? All he could sense was the space, time…a breath between, that was it, she was letting ideas come to a conclusion. Putting in full stops, allowing ideas to be whole.

The woman asking the questions brow changed, it lightened. The two of them started to enjoy each others company.

The pencil was impressed. It wasn’t often that you got to see a ship turn on a dime.

By Luke Hockley


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