Congratulations in the Village!

It’s been an award-winning, star-studded, achievement-making all round remarkable year in the Midnightsky village.

Our heartiest congratulations go to…

Bernadette McDonald CEO at Orbost Regional Health and her team for winning Silver at the Healthcare Award in the category of ‘Optimising the health status of Victorians’ for their Early Years program.

(Midnightsky is particularly proud of their achievement as we helped to write the award’s submission. It helps when you have such a wonderful program to write about!)

Janet Compton for her appointment of Chief Executive Officer at Northern Health

Kate Nicolazzo for her appointment to Chief Executive Officer at Yarra Energy Foundation

We wish all the best to the 2013 leadership course participants that we’ve worked with throughout the year 

Centre of Sustainability Leadership (CSL)’s Fellowship program

Department of Health’s LINK in Health program

Leadership Victoria’s Folio program

Leadership Victoria’s Igniting Leadership program

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