How firefighters are building strong communities

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We all know the many great things that the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) do for the community, fighting fires and coming to the rescue when we are in trouble. But what we may not know is that they are helping us in many other ways.

One of the best things they do is build community resilience by teaching us how to prevent, respond to and recover from emergencies. Have your prep kids ever had a school visit from a firefighter? Do you have fire drills at work? Well then you’ve witnessed community resilience in action.

Over many years the MFB have been engaging this community resilience strategy alongside all of their other valuable work. It’s become a natural part of what they do.

However, what they found more challenging was describing why and how all the different parts of their work contribute to community resilience. And they started to suspect that they were missing out on opportunities for consistency and clarity within the organisation.

Sometimes in order to have more impact, it’s not your activity that needs to change, but the way that you tell your story.

So the MFB talked with Midnightsky and together we helped them define their Community Resilience Strategy with a clear vision and goals. And we helped them develop a short film to use in the organisation to describe the strategy.

The new strategy provides a foundation for their operational reviewing and planning. And the communication tool will spread the knowledge across all staff, at all levels. With this film the MFB can celebrate what they already do well, as well as provide the clarity and inspiration to improve where needed.

Midnightsky is pretty proud to be part of a community that is being strengthened by such a clear and articulate organisation as the MFB.

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