Performance Fit – FAQ’s

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What is it?

Performance Fit is a weekly class that helps people to improve how they communicate.

Who is it for?

The class is for anyone who wants to feel more comfortable and be more effective when they communicate.

So tell me about this ‘Performance’ thing, surely that’s for Oscar winners, singer/songwriters and SYTYCD contestants?

The “Performance” in “Performance Fit” is referring to any act where a human being is attempting to communicate with other human being(s). So the class is useful for both people who sit in meetings and need to get their point across and for someone trying to knock the socks of a judge on So You Think You Can Dance.

Surely that’s impossible! Won’t the class be too hard/too easy for me?

It is hard to believe but the class works for people of all levels (and even ages, 12 has been our youngest participant so far). It is designed for you to work at your own level, if you need more you can get more, if you need less you can get less. Seriously. That’s how it works.

And “Fit”, that sounds a bit full on…

The “Fit” bit refers to the ongoing, weekly practice of communication skills. Yes, communication involves the body (that’s how we communicate after all), so we move around and get warm. Again, how physical you get is up to you. If you are happy to go for a brisk walk or a run at the gym you will be fine. If you are very worried about starting exercise then it’s always a good idea to chat to your GP before strapping on the runners. If you are worried, it is all the more reason to get the all clear and come along! It will be one of the best ways back into fitness you could find.

What happens?

A series of activities that get you to move around, experiment with making sound and play with how you respond when you are in front of an audience. Specifically the class aims to help you better understand how your thinking and your movement are connected, how to say yes to yourself in order to get a better flow in your communication and how to cooperate with your body to speak and move more easily.

What do I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing. You can wear runners or bare feet. Avoid skirts and pants that have no stretch in them. You are likely to work up a sweat. There are change rooms (they are not particularly glamorous).

Should I book for the term or…

Yeah, book for the term! Make the commitment. Coming weekly is where the benefits are at.

Can I just drop in?

Yep, each week’s class stands alone. You get more if you come each week. But you also get more if you come once than if you don’t come at all!

Who teaches it?

Luke Hockley (that’s me!). I am a performer and storyteller. Originally trained as a dancer I have since worked broadly in the Performing Arts. I have a B.Ed in Dance and Drama and am currently in my last year of training as an Alexander Technique Teacher. I am a communication coach and consultant on language, strategy and story. I get great joy in helping anyone improve how they communicate, whether they are a professional Dancer or an Executive in the Health sector. You can watch my videos, listen to my podcasts or read my articles on the Midnightsky blog

How do I book…

You want to go over here to book…

Where is it?

Class is at Collingwood College in Collingwood. Finding the room we are in can be a bit tricky (we are in either the Theatre or the Dance studio). If you pre-book we will have your details and can keep an eye on if you are lost or not!

The street address is Collingwood College Theatre – Corner Campbell St and McCutcheon Way, Collingwood.


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