Meet some of your leaders…

The Edge…

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It’s too high!
And they came,
And he pushed,
And they flew.

Christopher Logue

This poem was read, by the inspiring David Seignior, at the 2012 graduation dinner of the Melbourne Centre for Sustainability Leadership fellows (CSL). November last year seemed to be the month for launching Leaders upon the world. Alongside the Melbourne CSL grads there was the Sydney CSL graduates, Leadership Victoria’s Williamson Community Leadership Program (WCLP) and Igniting Leadership graduates and the Victorian Department of Health’s Executive LINK program graduates.

Big things don’t happen unless the right people are good at leading themselves and those around them. Cultivating leadership in the way that these programs do is fundamental to shifting towards a more balanced, knowledgeable and self-aware society. Working with these three inspiring leadership programs has given us the chance to see how talented leaders inspire action by telling a good story.

(PS: You can become a Centre for Sustainability Leadership fellow! Applications close on the 24th of February.)
The Leaders…

And here are some of the people we have had the pleasure of meeting through these leadership programs…

Centre for Sustainability Leadership

Mikey Leung – From changing the way tourism works to a TEDX talk in Bangladesh this is one impressive digital storyteller.
Tedtalk   Bangladesh project   Digital Storyteller website

Emily Dunstan – She’s a zoologist, she can dance and she is very successfully influencing the palm oil industry for the better. An insightful mind who understands the power and potential of art, culture, creativity and communication (in all its formats).
Zoo palm oil campaign

Matt Wicking – Story and song. From the Empress with a guitar to a workshop with a whiteboard Matt has a voice and a vision for the world that jump starts the listener into action.
The General Assembly   Excerpt from Commissioners Sustainability Oration 2012

LINK – Victorian Department of Health

Janet Compton – Janet can write poetry as easily as she can act as CEO and spokeswoman for a major metropolitan Health service (Eastern Health). As she leads her self and her team she is courageous, self-reflective, compassionate and straight-laced audacious.
‘The Gift’ short film    An article in The Age

Leadership Victoria – WIlliamson Community Leadership Program

Sianna Panagiotopoulos – Scientist, leader, communication all rounder and former volunteer audio guide (helping the visually impaired engage with live theatre) she is a hard act to keep up with. Sianna is leading the charge at Austin Life Sciences. She makes ‘science’ easy to understand, a geek who can talk street. Nice. @SiPanag
Austin Life Sciences

Robert Purcell – Fireman, Father, and chair of the Link Community Transport board. He helps the hipsters in Melbourne’s North build resilience in the face of fire, leads a board through the trials and tribulations of being a not-for-profit in the disability sector, and (by all accounts) he’s a bloody good family man. His approach is a mix of humor, loyalty, smarts and practicality. And that gets the job done.
MFB   Link community transport

Bernadette McDonald – A leader who can see the big picture and every grain of sand. Inspired by her time in the Leadership Victoria WCLP she went on to set up LINK at the Victorian Department of Health. She also established Austin Health’s Surgery Centre. Knows how to put the right people on the right job. Awesome.
LINK   The Surgery Centre

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