The power of a good story…

If you are ever in a position where you have to give your perspective, convince someone of something, share an idea, lead a group or drive change then your ability to tell a story is pivotal.

Knowing what you want to say, the best way to say it and how to deliver the idea are the basics of connecting your story with others. At Midnightsky we believe the people who are doing the best things should be the most engaging and insightful storytellers.

What do we mean by storytelling? Telling a story is communicating in a way that generates momentum for your idea. Whenever you, your team, your project or your organisation wants to engage with someone (in person, in pictures or in writing) you have the opportunity to tell a story. Telling a compelling story is an important way for organisations and individuals to turn their ideas and aspirations into action and results.

The beliefs that we all hold about the world and how it operates shape the decisions we make, the actions we take, the things we do. These beliefs are the result of our experiences in the world. They are the outcome of the stories we live. The ones we saw as kids, the ones our parents and friends and teachers and screens told us and eventually, as a result of all this, most powerfully, most importantly, they are the result of the stories we now tell ourselves.

Midnightsky knows that to achieve our vision people are going to have to change. They are going to have to take action. So why aren’t they taking action now? What has to change? The largest barrier to something remarkable, something unusual, something extra ordinary happening is the very fact that ‘it’ is not a part of the current, dominant story. It doesn’t happen because we (collectively) believe it’s not possible, it doesn’t fit the story as we are hearing it.

Yet many, many remarkable things have been achieved. Our beliefs are not static. The stories we hear and tell are in flux.

People do what they do because it fits most comfortably with the story they tell themselves about the world. Change the stories, change the beliefs and you change the action they take.

At Midnightsky we’re good at stories.

We’re good at understanding their pace and structure, at visualizing a world with words and pictures. With finding the unusual, the compelling, the inspiring. We’re good at digging through ‘the data’, the pages and pages of information to find the narrative, the compelling reason. At showing the road, the picture of how it could be, the things we have to do to get there.

Telling the stories is only half the picture. Living the story is the key to turning a story into a belief. The way we act, the things we do, the decisions we make have to reflect the story we are telling.

People tell stories. To themselves and to each other. If the people working on great projects were the best story tellers then their projects would be the stories we believe. These beliefs would then form the foundation for our actions. Leading to more people participating in projects, acting in a way that contributes to a more balanced, knowledgeable and self aware society.

We’re good at helping people tell great stories. We know how to inspire confidence, how to cultivate authenticity, how to help people find their distinct voice.

Right. So it’s obvious. To create change we need to…

Tell great stories and inspire great storytelling.

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